Thursday, April 8, 2010

Textbook of English and Soft Skills

Dear friends,
OrientBlackSwan, Hyderabad, has published my new textbook of English and Soft Skills (2010). It has ten units with ten different soft skills essential for us to succeed in life.
1. Listening
2. Temwork
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Assertiveness
5. Learning
6. Problem Solving
7. Interview
8. Adaptability
9. Non-Verbal Communication
10. Written Communication
Each of these skills is explained through literary pieces, specially short stories from around the world. Teachers of English will find the book interesting and useful to teach literature ans also soft skills through literature. In addition, they can help students understand the role of language played in developing soft skills.
I wish the teachers and the students the very best in their efforts to learn soft skills in a friendly way.


sriraamk said...

Dear Sir -
Would like to grab one of the copy and read it.
Would publish back as to what I learnt from it.

thara thara said...

I am very much interested to read your Textbook Sir Best Communication Workshops .